Centrelink delivers social security payments and services as part of the Department of Human Services.

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Centrelink really needs to make their hold music optional because I cannot express how much it sucks the life out of me. Being on hold for 3 hours would be more tolerable if i didn’t have to deal with the audio version of a sleep paralysis demon #centrelink

2/2 We call on the Government to fund specialist social security legal help in these communities – especially for remote NT communities. The Government’s media release ministers.dss.gov.au/media-releases…. #Centrelink #socielsecurity

Great news, I’m approved!!!! So relieved. Thank you #Centrelink for not dragging this out for longer than necessary.

Dang2. Apparently cannot qualify for #Centrelink payment due to unusual housing situation. No safety net for me. TBH I’m proud of being a decent human, even if it has hurt financially.

What's to debate???? #RoboDebt #Centrelink #NastyParty #LNP #AusPol twitter.com/AuSenate/statu…

Dang my #Centrelink claim rejected because it requires information from ex partner. What year is this??

Spoke with #Centrelink today. My DMA report is in and my #DSP claim should be finalised today or tomorrow. I’m so anxious with the waiting I feel sick. If they deny my claim I’ll be devastated. I don’t think I have the spoons to start all over again or go through an appeal

@qldhealth I'm now in a situation where #NDIS wants these records, #Centrelink wants these records, and I suspect my superannuation fund will want these records, so your cover up is about to get exposed at tribunal level and in the media. You are SO smart. @AnnastaciaMP #auspol twitter.com/IndeedGentelme…

@ej_australia @SatPaper I got an idea @centrelinkgovau, how about you fine and recover the $100Ks from my public service-employed, dodgy family, who have been defrauding #Centrelink for years, that you have been ignoring tip offs about, and give the funds to these refugees, hey? @billshortenmp #auspol

I don’t think anything in this world is more triggering than centrelink hold music #centrelink

"It’s plunging people into deep poverty and it’s also extremely traumatising", says our CEO, Leanne Ho, speaking with @SatPaper about the system issue causing refugees' critical "last resort" #Centrelink payments to be cut off without warning: thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/politics/….

they are famous for this sort of behaviour I should be on the DSP too, suffering some pretty serious mental health diagnosis, but they keep me on the dole - 11 years now #Centrelink twitter.com/Rebellionista/…

Can @centrelinkgovau or someone let me know when it’s a convenient time for me to call them? Calling before 9 am gets me hung up on #howrude #centrelink

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